The Leather Satchel Company...Review on my unlucky experiences

Last January, after reading many good reviews on the Leather Satchel Company, I decided to contact them to order my very first satchel. I was disappointed in the customer service because the person I was in contact with wasn’t nice....the arrogant type. I ordered the satchel anyway but it arrived with some weird stains on the leather inside the satchel, loose stitches, and the buckles were slanting too much to the right for my taste. Even my friends thought it looked weird. When I contacted the LSC for those problems hoping there would be a way to fix it, this same person answered my email saying that because it’s handmade it can’t be perfect and ask me to return the satchel for a refund. I was disappointed that no effort was made to replace the faulty satchel but on the other hand, I didn’t want to have anything to do with this dislikeable person anymore, so I returned the satchel as soon as I could.

A few weeks later, I was in Paris and came across some satchels from the Cambridge Satchel company at the Printemps Haussmann (famous Parisian department store). So I checked them out and though the buckles were symmetrical, the stitches perfectly done and there were no stains inside the bag, the quality of the leather wasn’t as nice as the one I returned a few weeks before to the Leather Satchel Company. The shape of those Cambridge satchels was different too, though only slightly different, when I tried them on, they didn’t look as nice on me as the LSC one ....hmmmm

Then arrived my birthday and my friends decided to make a contribution for a satchel since they know how much I wanted one. So I decided to contact the Leather Satchel Company for the second time and see how things go.

This time, I was lucky enough to deal with a pleasant person named Paul. He said they can’t guaranty the buckles would be perfectly symmetrical because it’s handmade but they'd do their best to make sure they’re as symmetrical as possible. And for the stain on the inside of the leather (I sent him a picture), he said the satchel I received the first time must be one out of a 100 to get through the net of quality check. In other words, it seems I wasn’t lucky the first time. Since he was very nice and reassuring, I placed my order for a 12.5” satchel in Autumn tan with magnetic fasteners.

This time the buckles were quite symmetrical, the stitches were nicely done, no stains on the inside of the satchel but….

The rivet on the right buckle is not quite centered and it’s scratched, maybe with a piece of tool while crafting the satchel and the ID holder on the front pocket is closer to the left buckle than the right.

The height of the satchel is 20.5cm instead of the 22cm mentioned on their website. That makes the flap shorter hence prevents the gusset from extending fully at the top which means the satchel cannot be fully packed in order to close it properly. And because the flap is forcing the gusset not to extend at the top, it makes it worn off on the inside (where the top of the gusset touches the flap) before even having been used.

Inside worn off where the top gusset touches the  flap
The height of 20.5cm makes the flap shorter

Having said all that, the quality of the leather is stunning and the colour is exactly what I expected it to be. Despite the flap issues, the uncentered rivet and ID holder, it still looks good from a distance. 

I don’t mind much about the two first imperfections mentioned above but the problems caused by the short flap makes it impossible for me to keep the satchel. I therefore returned it. Since I have to leave for Paris and won’t be back before August, I thought it would be better to ask for a refund instead of a replacement. Paul has been incredibly nice and patient with the problems that flap causes me. This time, the customer service has been really good.

When I get back to the UK, if I'm still in the mood to go through the whole thing again I will order another satchel and will share with you what would be my third experience with The Leather Satchel Company and hopefully a successful one.

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