Retap Bottles......The Best reusable Bottles ever

Recently, I’ve been looking for an alternative to plastic bottles. I wanted to do something good for the environment. The first thing I found was stainless steel bottles. They’re light, strong, and BPA free. Unfortunately, all of the ones I found were made in China. I’m not so fond of things made in China, so I thought I’d pass.

By looking farther, I found Retap, winner of the Red Dot Design Award, and the Promotional Gift Award in 2011 for their glass bottles. The Good Design Award was attributed to them the following year in 2012.

The glass bottles are made of borosilicate glass which is stronger and more environmentally friendly than regular glass. They’re BPA free, light to carry, pretty, have a neat design, no edges where bacteria could accumulate, the lids come in a large array of colours, and they’re made in Europe. They also come in three sizes, 300ml, 500ml, and 800ml, exactly what I was looking for.

Staying refreshed after Aikido training
Each bottle comes in a lovely cardboard gift tube. I bought a few bottles in different sizes and am very happy with them. I like to carry the little ones with me. One in my sport bag when I go training, and one in my handbag to go to work. No leak, stylish, and practical. I love them and can’t recommend them highly enough.

My only regret though is not having bought extra lids (for me, baby blue, lime and the red would have made a great addition). If you decide to buy a few bottles, think about the extra lids. It’s fun to change colour lids from time to time depending on the weather, your mood, your handbag……
You can have a look at the Retap website like them on Facebook or buy some bottles.

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