Compact Drum carder form Classic Carder UK

Last year in April, I contacted Paul Brittain from Classic Carder and asked him if he would be willing to make me a compact drumcarder since all the ones on the market, even the smallest one, wouldn't fit in my cupboard. I live in a tiny studio and don't have much room for my craft, so I really need something small. He accepted the challenge.

After a year and a few months, many emails exchange, sharing ideas, pictures, comments etc....The compact classic carder was finally born. I'm very proud to introduce you to my new toy. Extremely compact, (L/H/W: 37.5cm/19,5cm/33.5cm), 120tpi, long teeth with a ratio of 4.5:1, and finishing brush.

Paul has made wonders. The craftsmanship is amazing, the quality of the wood used is of top quality (I chose Beech) and of course it works beautifully.

At the moment, I'm not very good at drum carding. I still have so much to learn. The first batt I've made from scoured Polwarth fleece was full of nepps...oh dear !!!  No problems for blending merino and angora of different colours though.

I'm having so much fun with this cute little I go, more fibres and colours to blend.

27th July 2013 - Update: I've just come back from Fibre East where I had the chance to meet in person the man who created my compact drumcarder : Paul Brtittain himself.

After so many emails exchanges it was great to have a chat with him face to face. We were surrounded by beautiful drumcarders of all sizes. It was just amazing!!!

I'm not surprised the drumcarders he makes are pieces of art. He's an artist himself and is passionate about what he's doing. He's nice and patient and most of all he listens to his customer's needs. His goal is to make functional and gorgeous machines to inspire us create beautiful things.

Paul has a great reputation in the field and now that I've met him, I can tell it's well deserved. I'm glad I bought my drumcarder from him and will recommend his company without hesitation.

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