Magimix Ice Cream Maker Review

The weather has been really hot lately and nothing is more pleasing than ice cream on a hot summer day to cool us down. But not any ice cream. To me and my husband, it has to be homemade.

I used to have an ice cream maker with a canister that must be put in the freezer 12 hours prior to making the ice cream. It worked well but I didn't like it because I had to plan everything in advance.  Also once the ice cream was made the canister had to go back into the freezer for 12 hours before making another flavour of ice cream. One could leave the canister in the freezer permanently but it takes up room and also gets ice forming on the top of it after a long period of time which affects the texture of the ice cream.

After a while I decided to upgrade to a Magimix with a built in freezer. The model I have (pictured) was bought in France. I went on the Magimix website and the Gelato Chef seems to be its equivalent for the UK.

I'm now able to make several different flavours of ice cream in the same day whenever I feel like it. It's really convenient to be able to make ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet whenever I want without having to think in advance. The fact that I can make them all in the same day is a big bonus as well.

The machine itself is really heavy which makes it very steady on the worktop. Don't expect to carry it around the kitchen though. Because of its compact size it doesn't take much room in the kitchen cupboard and it has a timer which is very convenient though I like to stay close to the machine when my ice cream is churning. It takes approximatley 20 minutes to churn ice cream and 15 minutes for sorbet.

This is a reliable machine for ice cream lovers. I would recommend it if you look for a machine that would last for a long long time.

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