Excalibur Food Dehydrator Review

I used to have a garden where I loved growing my own vegetables and soft fruits organically. We had so many fruits and vegetables, it was amazing. Unfortunately we couldn't eat them all, so I had to find ways to preserve them as long as possible. I froze them, made jams with them, preserved them in oil.....but there were still a lot. So I had the idea to dehydrate them and went on search for a dehydrator.

Excalibur wasn't difficult to find since it has such a great reputation. All the positive reviews I read convinced me this was the one I should buy, so I did.

It is really an incredible machine. Every details is thought through.
-The heated fan is placed at the back of machine so it dries the trays evenly.
- Each tray can be removed easily
- The trays have a mesh screen on them to allow the hot air to circulate freely
- The optional 26 hours timer allows it to stop on its own at the end of the duration selected
- The optional Paraflex premium non stick drying sheets are perfect for making fruit leathers.

The first thing I tried in my Excalibur was to dehydrate apple slices. I just dipped them in orange juice to prevent them from oxidizing and dehydrated them overnight. The result was better than the store bought ones...and a lot cheaper. This became one of our favourite.

Another favourite is dried cherry tomatoes. I cut them in half, sprinkle salt, pepper, and herbs on top of them and dehydrate them: an addictive snack. The ones with oregano on top taste like miniature pizzas.

I've made so many things in my dehydrator, from raw energy bars, dried fruits, vegetables, herbs and soaked nuts/seeds to fruit leathers.

The Excalibur never let me down. It's a reliable machine and I think it's worth every penny. Though Excalibur is based in the US, they have distributors all around the world. In the UK there are UK Juicer, Juiceland, and Energise your life.

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