Onya Bags....can't live without them

Have you ever been in a supermarket and realised that you don’t have a shopping bag with you because you forgot it at home, or in the car.....well that used to happen a lot to me and it was really annoying.

I no longer have this problem with my Onya bag. To me, the best reusable eco friendly shopping bag ever. And it looks good too.

They’re made from recycled plastic bottles material (they used to be made from parachute material). When unfolded, its pouch remains attached to the bag, so no more looking everywhere for it, no folding the bag after use, just squeeze it back into its tiny pouch and keep the pouch in your handbag all the time, it’s so small it doesn’t take much room.

No need to remember to take a shopping bag since it’s always in my handbag...it’s only a detail but believe me, it makes my life a lot easier. I have a few and absolutely love them. I wish I knew about those Onya bags a long time ago....better late than never. You really must have an Onya bag on you at all time….or should I say On’ya.

They also do backpacks, side bags and bigger shopping bags but my favourite is the original shopping bag.

You can have a look at their UK website.

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