Oscar Vitalmax Cold Pressed Juicer Review

A while ago I decided to stop buying juices. I wanted to make my own fresh ones every morning because freshly pressed juices are good for our health.

My search for the perfect juicer was on. At the time I didn't know there were so many different types of juicers on the market. Department stores and high street stores all sell centrifugal juicers. I was amazed to discover there were other juicers, better ones I've never heard of like the slow/masticating juicers also called "cold pressed juicers".

I chose the Oscar Vitalmax 900, a single auger cold pressed juicer.

Unlike centrifugal juicers, slow juicers can juice greens/leafs like herbs, spinnach, kale, wheatgrass. It's also quiet which is appreciated when juicing early in the morning. Because the fruits and vegetables are slowly crushed, the juice is not heated nor oxidized, therefore nutrients and all the good stuffs are still alive in the juice up to 72 hours.

Though I use my Oscar vitalmix mostly for juicing, it's more than just a juicer. It has a whole range of accessories and can make pasta, humous, nut butter, baby food, sorbet frozen fruits ice cream.....a very versatile machine. It's easy to assemble to use and easy to clean.

I've tried sorbet frozen fruit ice cream a couple of times and it was such a success.
I took a big ripe banana and some strawberries.
Cut the banana into little chunks.
I froze the strawberries and banana chunks for an hour or so.
I then removed the frozen fruits from the freezer and passed them through the cold pressed juicer (with the mincing screen) to have instant strawberry/banana ice cream. No added sugar or cream. I know it's a bit hard to believe but it works and it's delicious.

New models have come on the market since I bought my Oscar Vitalmax 900. There's even a vertical model. Though the new shapes and colours are very nice and appealing, I still love my juicer. One of the most precious kitchen appliance I've got.

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