The Leather Satchel Company... Review on my Third Order

My last post on The Leather Satchel Company has received lots of interest from all around the world. I know from your numerous emails that many of you have been waiting for this post so here it is...

End of June I contacted Keith Hanshaw director of TLSC to ask for a quote for my new Satchel. He was very nice and professional. He asked a few questions about my choice and took the time to have a look at my history with his company to understand what went wrong on my last orders to make sure everything would be right this time.

Then things got a bit delayed since I had to go back to Paris for a week, and on my return to the UK, he was on holidays or should I say on vacation for my US readers :-)

Anyway, the satchel has finally arrived on the 9th August. I was very excited to open the package....who wouldn't be !!! The satchel is beautiful and this time the rivet and ID holder are perfectly centered and the buckles perfectly symmetrical.

It's a good thing I gave it a third try because their satchels are beautiful, the quality of the leather is really nice and the possible customisations make them unique and personal to each individual. I think they're the only company to do that in the UK which is pretty cool.

My third experience with the Leather Satchel Company ends on a positive note and who knows I might order another one in the future...

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