Food Saver's Home Vacuuming Packaging System Review

When I go to the US, I like to watch the shopping channel on TV in the morning. I think it's fun and they sell so many things we don't have in Europe or we do but we have to search for them because they're not advertised anywhere. This is especially true for appliances with very specific function like the Foodsaver's vacuum sealing system.

Mine looks like this one
When I saw the Foodsaver Home Vacuuming Sealing System on TV, I was captivated and couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I thought "yes, I could really do with one of this in my kitchen".

Without air, food stay fresher for much longer. And the Foodsaver's bags are amazingly strong. In spring or summer I can cook meals in bulk and freeze them all winter long without freezer burn since air and moisture are locked out of the bag.

The only thing you should be aware of when vacuum packaging crunchy snacks like cookies is that the machine is so powerful it will crush everything to crumbs. So watch the process closely and as soon as it starts to close on the biscuits, stop the vacuum process by pressing the seal button.

I'm not only using the machine to keep the food fresher but also for my craft. I bought lots of angora fibers for spinning and the volume is huge. Once it's gone through the vacuuming process, it's all flat and takes a lot less space in the storage box.

When I travel, I like to keep bottles containing liquid (shampoo - shower gel - lotion) nicely airtight packed to avoid leaking problems in the suitcase.

I'm glad Foodsaver vacuum sealers can be bought in Europe. Not only do those machines look nice, they are also practical and robust. You'll find lots of hints and tips on the Foodsaver main website.

I'm glad I bought this machine a few years ago and I hope more households in Europe will try and adopt this fabulous way of storing their food.....and anything else that fit in the Foodsaver's bag.

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