Review on the Zebra Expandz Compact Ballpoint Pen

I was on holiday in the US recently and I took this opportunity to order lots of stuff and had everything delivered to my hotel. 

Among the goodies I bought, I ordered a few pens from because they have a huge selection of pens to chose from at a competitive price.

I wanted a compact pen I could have in my handbag or pocket. Something smaller in size than an ordinary pen. I was spoilt with choices and have ordered a few. Based on my choice, jetpens sent me the Zebra Expandz to review.

The Zebra Expandz is a ballpoint pen. It measures 10.5cm when closed and expands to 13.5cm by pulling the telescopique barrel to be fully functional. 
It comes in a variety of colours to suit everyone's taste and the fact that it's compact means it can be taken everywhere. No more excuses not to have a pen.

To my personal point of view, I find it a bit heavy and not so nice to write with for long period of time. Writing a cheque or a few notes when needed is fine but I wouldn't use it to write my journal nor a letter. I wouldn't qualify this as a writing pen.

Having said that it's still a nice compact pen at an affordable price. I think it's usefull to have in a handbag, pocket,'s small, doesn't take much room and can come handy.

And about themselves, their customer service was excellent as each person I was in contact with was extremely nice. It was a pleasure to deal with them.

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