I've been Feeling..... Crafty Lately

After months of training really hard for my Aikido grading exam, I needed some quiet time for myself to relax. I felt the need to be crafty. I could dye some fibers, spin some yarn, knit or weave something, or why not sewing ?

I always moan about the fact that I don't seem to have a decent coin purse. The ones I've got are all too deep and not practical at all for my taste. So I decided I would make my own coin purse.

I started searching for free patterns on the internet. First I thougth I would knit one and felt it but I couldn't find one pattern I like so I decided to look for sewing patterns....and I found several pretty ones.

First I made a few frame purses of different sizes. I started with the brown/red one with a 8.5cm frame followed by the little flowery one which was made with a tiny 6.5cm frame. I then made the big flowery one with an 8.5cm frame an I ended with the square one which was made with a 7.5cm square frame. It was fun to make them and I find them very pretty and practical.

Though I was very pleased with the result, I wanted something without a metal frame. It took me some more hours of searching the internet for that one, but I think I found the perfect coin purse for me.
 As you can see on the left, it's a simple and well organised little purse.

After a few days of sewing, I wanted to do something different.... like jewelery making. I've always wanted to try byzatine chain maille, so I thought it might be the good time to find out how that works.
I've got some jump rings left from a completely different project I did last summer so I thought I'd like to try my hands on a bracelet for this summer. A few youtube video viewings later, a bit of patience and here it is, my first byzantine chain maille bracelet.

Who said that byzantine chain maille was difficult to do ? .....honestly :-)

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