Seb Multidelice Compact Review

When my yogurt maker broke down after many years of heavy usage, I went on the internet searching for a new one. The first thing I noticed was how much things have changed from the look of the new machines to their technology. It didn't take long for me to realise it would be a harder search than I expected. I thought "for god sake, I jut want a simple normal yogurt maker !!!"

When I saw the Seb Multidelice I liked its look right away so I started reading its specifications. I was amazed to see that on the top of doing yogurt it could also do fromage frais, creme au four, rice pudding and everything that need to be steamed or cooked in a bain marie.

The latter function won me over and after reading many many reviews I decided my initial need for a simple normal yogurt maker was too basic. Yes, what I need...or should I say what I really want was the Seb Mutlidelice and nothing less would do. I purchased the machine about a year ago and have no regret.
I've made delicious cakes, rice puddings, "petits pots de creme au four", fromage frais, cheese and of course, lots of yogurts. It is such a wonderful machine and I am recommending it to everyone I know.

The function I love the most is the steam/bain marie. In the past, every time I had to bake something in a bain marie in the oven, I struggled to find a roasting tray big enough to place all the little ramequins in. Pouring the hot water around the pots and placing the tray in or removing it out of the oven was always a dangerous matter. Well, this is all forgotten with this wonderful machine.

It's also very convenient to make cheese because of the little sieves inside each pot that allow the excess water to drain from the cheese before seasoning and adding some herbs. Very clever devise.

It's safe to use and fast to clean, energy efficient and because it looks nice, it can be left on the worktop. It has three settings: Yogurt - Fromage Frais - Steam and a a timer. Yogurt can be left to ferment from 6 to 12 hours. I like to leave mine for 8 hours. Fromage Frais from 12 to 18 hours, and you can steam.....The machine does bip once the process is finished.

So far, everything I tried was a success. I really like it. If you're thinking of a new yogurt maker it's worth checking this one out. It's complete and it's easy and nice to use.

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