Retap Bottles : Update Review two years on...

There are things I buy because I think they're cool to have. They're fun for a few months and then one morning for some strange reason I place them in a cupboard to never take them out again....why ? well because they weren't so great nor practical to use after all or because I simply got bored of them.

It's a completely different story when it comes to the Retap bottles. I'm just as fond of them now as I was two years ago when I discovered them and wrote my first post about them. I believe when things are well thought through they'll always be the cool thing to have. They were the "Must Have" bottles when I bought them and they still are today.

The Retap bottles are beautiful with a nice choice of attractive colour lids. They're extremely light, useful, durable, easy to care for, designed and made in Europe and of course good for the environment. Overall the Retap bottles are the perfect choice for me.

Carrot Juice
I have a few bottles in different sizes and I use them all the time mostly for water but also cold pressed juices made with my slow juicer, smoothies, infused water, home made nut milks made with my soyabella (almond, hemp and hazelnut being my favourites). I really appreciate the fact that the lids are leak-proof especially when I have smoothies on the go.
Hemp Milk

My husband likes to carry the 05 size (500ml) bottle in his tennis bag whenever he's got a match or just for "hitting some balls" on the tennis court. I like to carry the 03 size (300ml) bottle everywhere I go. I find the size perfect to slip it in my handbag. It doesn't take up much room and remains pretty light even full of liquid. I also like to carry the 03 size bottle in my sport bag. That one get bumped against lots of surfaces and is still in tip top condition.

Another thing I like about my Retap bottles is how beautiful they look. No more environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles or ugly stainless steel ones. I'm always very happy to take my pretty Retap bottle out of my bag to rehydrate. And EVERY time someone will come up to me and say "Oh what a beautiful bottle you've got !!!!" and ask me about it. Don't get me wrong I'm not the kind of person who likes the attention (I'm actually quite the opposite) but I love having nice things and I'm always happy to talk about them when someone notice them.

So after two years of use, I'm still very happy about my Retap bottles and I still can't recommend them highly enough around me. If you're looking for an alternative to plastic bottles, this is THE bottle to go for. I would advise on buying a few spare lids in different colours as well. It's fun to alternate the colour lids.

Spinach/Orange juice
You can check the Retap Where to Buy page for online orders and shops and also like them on Facebook. I'd like to point out that I'm not affiliated with Retap in any way.....I just love their bottles.

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